Nocturne (Original Soundtrack) out today!

Last year I worked on my first soundtrack for a short film, called Nocturne, which is released on all digital platforms today. Most of these short ideas were initially composed using only a small analog synth routed through an old tape echo and chorus unit, then spiced with additional layers, orchestral elements and processed sounds. It was quite refreshing to limit myself like this in the creative process, which is something I will try and do more often. The film is written and directed by my dear friend Dan Anders Carrigan, and features the Swedish actor and co-script writer Jonas Malmsjö in the lead role.

Check out the soundtrack here:

Mordançage CD's has arrived

After being lost in the mail and having been sent back and forth between UK and Sweden a few times, my artist copies of the Mordançage debut finally found its way to my new home. They are now available to order from mine and Andrew’s own Bandcamp pages respectively (choose who you order from depending if you live in the EU or North America to keep shipping costs down!).

The packages looks great, big thanks to Daniel Crossley of Fluid Audio for doing a great job designing them!

Introducing: Mordançage

Mordançage is a photographic process based on chemical alteration of the gelatin in a print. The mordançage solution can cause varying degrees of degradation and other tonal changes, pulling completely new patterns and images out of a single source. It creates a living, breathing photograph that continually oxidizes and warps over time as it is exposed to new environments.

The same name and principles inform the new collaboration I have going with Andrew Tasselmyer of Hotel Neon.

This started in 2017, solely through long distance correspondence - sharing ideas and processing each others drafts and sketches back and forth until something else slowly began to appear, almost leading the project forward on its own.

Our self-titled debut album, which was carefully mastered by our good friend Ian Hawgood, will be released on September 30th via Fluid Audio.

LEGO Ninjago - Season 9 Teaser

The teaser for the 9th season of Ninjago is here (actually, it's already premiered in some countries), and I must say this has been the most fun and challenging bunch of Ninjago episodes to work on so far - so many exciting sound elements coming together here, all taking place in beautiful, captivating locations.

2018 Nominations

I've received a few nominations as a sound designer and foley artist this year as well, which is very humbling! It's quite exciting that some of the work you put down is yet again being recognized on such a high global level.

Outstanding Sound Editing, Animation - for LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (Season 2)

Best Sound Design: TV Programme -
for Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu - The Hands of Time (Season 7)
Best Sound Design: TV Programme - for LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (Season 2)


Artist Selection - 2017 in review

A little late, but still - Home Normal asked some of their artists to mention five releases they've been enjoying in 2017. Head here to check out my list. 

From the Home Normal site:
"Tobias Hellkvist had a remarkably busy 2017. He started the year with the Home Normal releases of 'Vesterhavet (Extended)' and 'Kaskelot: Reissue and Remixes'. These were immediately followed by the 3" mini-CD release of '24th Impulse' on ÈTER, his collaboration 'Skimmer' with Ben Fleury-Steiner, and 'Forest Psalms' on Dragon's Eye, all released by April. Tobias was then EMMY nominated for his sound design work for Lego, eventually winning at The Music+Sound Awards."

LEGO Ninjago - The Quiet One (Season 8 story teaser)

It's such a pleasure to work with sound design and foley for this show, which took some big steps forward in this 8th season - better storytelling and character development, even better looking 3D animations etc. And it all takes place in really fun and captivating environments, which makes it so exciting and shifting to work with the Ninjago sound universe.

This coming season is called Sons Of Garmadon, and follows the LEGO Ninjago Movie which premiered last year.