“A cut above the majority of his drone contemporaries, this is absolutely gorgeous stuff.” 

- Norman Records

“Cay is quite a stunning piece that truly earns the designation of soundscape. It is an immersive world of its own creation.” 

- Headphone Commute

“The beauty of work like this? It’s so good you have to go back to the beginning to hear it all again. It’s really quite incredibly compulsive."

- Remote Thoughts

“When you read that recordings like this are improvised it’s hard to believe as the compositions seem so formed like the musician has been working for a long time and perfected just what they are doing.” ... “Easily a favourite release of mine from this year."

- Twice Remembered Twice Removed

“It’s a blissful piece of work that I go back to time and time again and certainly an easy contender for my album of the year. Marvellous."

- Remote Thoughts

“The label’s curator, Ian Hawgood clearly thinks very highly of this record, citing it as “the archetypal Home Normal release in many ways”, and undoubtedly Evolutions is worthy of that praise. Highly recommended."

- Boomkat