LEGO Ninjago - Season 9 Teaser

The teaser for the 9th season of Ninjago is here (actually, it's already premiered in some countries), and I must say this has been the most fun and challenging bunch of Ninjago episodes to work on so far - so many exciting sound elements coming together here, all taking place in beautiful, captivating locations.

LEGO Ninjago - The Quiet One (Season 8 story teaser)

It's such a pleasure to work with sound design and foley for this show, which took some big steps forward in this 8th season - better storytelling and character development, even better looking 3D animations etc. And it all takes place in really fun and captivating environments, which makes it so exciting and shifting to work with the Ninjago sound universe.

This coming season is called Sons Of Garmadon, and follows the LEGO Ninjago Movie which premiered last year.

LEGO Star Wars - The Freemaker Adventures

On a more professional note, I'm very excited to currently be working on the forthcoming animated tv-series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventuresas part of the sound team at Jelly Animation Sound Studios in Copenhagen.

We're doing foley, sound design and 5.1 mixes for all 13 brand new episodes in collaboration with Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound in California, and I seriously don't think work can get more fun than this!

The series premieres on Disney XD on June 20th 2016.