Track: Hidden Circuits
Compilation: Steel: Dragon's Eye Twelfth Anniversary
Label: Dragon's Eye Recordings (US)
Format: Digital
Released: December 15th, 2017
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Track: Pulsatile (collab w Ben Fleury-Steiner)
Compilation: Homework Year 1
Label: Taalem (FRA)
Format: Digital
Released: December 18th, 2016
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Track: Kaskelot Session Fragments
Compilation: Texture Series Volume One
Label: 1631 Recordings (SWE)
Format: Digital
Released: September 2nd, 2016
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Track: Turquoise
Compilation: Sunscapes
Label: Café Del Mar (ESP)
Format: CD/Digital
Released: September 25th, 2015
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Track: Kreep
Compilation: Elements
Label: Home Normal (JPN/UK)
Format: 5xCD/Digital
Released: April 25th, 2014
5xCD box: sold out
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Track: Starfire
Compilation: Earthtones Volume 2
Label: Tessellate Recordings (UK)
Format: Digital
Released: March 30th, 2014
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Track: Plus Minus Zero (Piano version)
Compilation: 15 Shades of White
Label: Dronarivm (RUS)
Format: CD/Digital
Released: December 24th, 2013
CD: sold out
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Track: Plus Minus Zero
Compilation: The Vortex - Limited Edition
Label: Home Normal / Hibernate (JPN/UK)
Format: CD
Released: March 22nd, 2013
CD: sold out
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